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ANZ is Australia and New Zealand's leading bank in China. It has been operating for over 25 years with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing. ANZ also holds 20% in Bank of Tianjin and Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank respectively.

ANZ can help you arrange your banking in Australia before you leave home.

There are many things you need to arrange when you move to Australia. While some of these must wait until you arrive, there are ways ANZ can assist you before you leave China.

Transfer money to Australia

Once your Australian account is set up, our China offices can help you transfer funds to Australia quickly and easily so you can have ready access to cash when you arrive.

  1. Exchanging your money
  2. Under Chinese regulations, Chinese nationals can exchange up to the equivalent of USD $50,000 per year into foreign currency and transfer it out of China. You can exchange additional amounts (up to $50,000 for each linear relative) if you have a letter of authority from your relative and their ID card. A linear relative includes your husband or wife, parents and children.

    To exchange your RMB into foreign currency, you just need to bring:

    1. Your RMB (up to equivalent USD $50,000) into the closest ANZ branch
    2. Your ID card
    3. A letter of authority from your relatives and their ID cards if you are exchanging RMB on their behalf

    Your friendly ANZ team will help you exchange and transfer the money to Australia.

  3. Transferring your money
  4. If you exchange and transfer the money on the same day you can transfer the total amount exchanged. However once you hold the foreign currency, if you do not transfer it all on the same day as the exchange, you may only transfer up to equivalent of USD $10,000 per day.

    If you hold an overseas passport, to exchange RMB into foreign currency you must show:

    1. An employment contract
    2. Payment slips
    3. A tax invoice

    To arrange to transfer your funds to Australia, email ANZ (China) at movingfromchina@anz.com

    To transfer funds to your Australian ANZ bank account using another bank in China, you can request the bank to send an International Money Transfer (also known as a Telegraphic Transfer) to your account as follows:

    Beneficiary: [Enter your full account name]
    Beneficiary Account No: [Enter your account number]

    Please ensure this information is provided as follows:
    e.g. BSB 01XXXX
    Account: 123456789
    Note: Your Australian BSB is the first six numbers that appear before your account number.

    Beneficiary Bank: Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
    Beneficiary Branch Address: [Enter your branch address]

    Upon receipt of your payment, ANZ will exchange your RMB into AUD and credit your account.

Understand your tax position

Before you leave China it is important to consider the tax issues that may affect you, both in China and in Australia.

Your tax position in China and Australia will depend on a number of factors including the period that you are absent from China, your citizenship and the nature of your investments. You may need to consider:

  1. tax rates in Australia
  2. your tax filing obligations in Australia and China
  3. how your employment and investment income will be taxed
  4. what tax deductions you can claim in Australia
  5. the taxation implications of transferring money to Australia.

For more information visit PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Contact us

  1. Shanghai
  2. ANZ Branch
    Ground Floor,
    Mirae Asset Tower,
    166 Lujiazui Ring Road,
    Pudong, Shanghai 200120
    People’s Republic of China

    Telephone: +86 21 6169 6223
    Fax: +86 21 6169 6224

    Online enquiry

    ANZ Branch
    220 Madang Road, Xingtiandi,
    Shanghai 200020
    People’s Republic of China

    Telephone: +86 21 6136 6100
    Fax: +86 21 6136 6199

    Online enquiry

  3. Beijing
  4. ANZ Branch
    L130B, L234, China Central Place, No 79 Jianguo Rd,
    Chaoyang District,
    Beijing 100025
    People’s Republic of China

    Telephone: +86 (10) 6599 8216
    Fax: +86 (10) 8588 8662

    Online enquiry

    ANZ Branch
    01 Room, 1st Floor, Metropolis Tower,
    No.2 Dongsan Street, Zhongguancun,
    Haidian District,
    Beijing 100080
    People’s Republic of China

    Telephone: +86 10 6250 6301
    Fax: +86 10 6250 6326

    Online enquiry

  5. Guangzhou
  6. ANZ Branch
    Room 2002, International Finance Place,
    8 Hua Xia Road,
    Pearl River New Town,
    Guangzhou 510623
    People’s Republic of China

    Telephone: +86 (20) 3814 1088
    Fax: +86 (10) 3814 1077

    Online enquiry

    ANZ Branch
    Unit G107,
    Ground Floor and Unit 2602-04,
    HNA Building,
    6 Lin He Zhong Road, Tianhe District,
    Guangzhou 510610
    People's Republic of China

    Telephone: +86 20 89166088
    Fax: +86 20 89166000

    Online enquiry

  7. Chongqing - ANZ Branch
  8. 11th Floor Metropolitan Plaza,
    68 Zou Rong Road, Yuzhong district,
    Chongqing 400010
    People’s Republic of China

    Telephone: (+86) 23 8810 5900
    Fax: (+86) 23 8810 5971
    Online enquiry

  9. Hangzhou - ANZ Branch
  10. Unit 102, 103, 105, 110,
    Building 2 (F Zone),
    Euro America Center (EAC),
    No. 26 Jiao Gong Road,
    Xihu District,
    Zhejiang 310012
    People's Republic of China

    Telephone: +86 0571 2689 0888
    Fax: +86 0571 2689 0877
    Online enquiry

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